First Measurement Data from the Instrumented Bicycle

First measurement data from the instrumented bicycle. This work is done by my Delft MSc student Jodi Kooijman. This is the bike:

image1 image2

Note the laptop on the rear rack, the manual launcher is Jodi. The bike is instrumented with two rate gyros, one for the lean rate and one for the yaw rate. The steering angle is measured by a potentiometer. The speed is measured (temporarily) by a dynamo (originally meant for the head and tail light). Data is collected via a USB data collecting box driven by LabVIEW and stored on the laptop. Here is an video file(2.8Mb) of the first test run, and here is the graph(23Kb) with the first measured data.

The final goal is to create a Robot Bicycle by adding a steering torque controller, to stabilize the bike, and a small elector motor to maintain forward speed.