Exploratory Tests on the VU Treadmill

Today we did a number of exploratory tests on the big VU treadmill (3X5m) to have a first look at human rider control. The bicycle was a Batavus Browser town bicycle which was prepared by Jodi and Jason and is equipped with sensors for: steer angel, steer rate, rear frame lean and yaw rate, forward speed (2), and pedaling cadence. A video camera was added mounted on the rear frame looking at the rider to identify rider motions relative to the rear frame.


We looked at normal pedaling, towing and pedaling with lateral perturbations in the forward speed range of 5-30 km/h. Here you can find three compilations of the experiments:

image17 image18
Normal Cycling Towing
arendcycling301505.wmv arendtowing301505.wmv
Cycling and Perturbing