Salome Can Ride a Bicycle!

Salome, 3 and 11/12 years old, can ride a bicycle! Thanks to the Cornell/UIUC method. In the last couple of years Andy Ruina, Jim Papadopoulos and Richard Klein gave me advice on how to teach your kid to ride a bike. With our first child, Samuel, I screwed up. I was still unaware of the method so I used trainer wheels. This was bad. It took him (and me) a long time to learn how to ride a bike.

With the next, Simon, things went better. I was now aware of the method and I threw away the trainer wheels. He learned quicker and now far more enjoys riding his bike.

Then with Salome I started out with a scooter. In this way she mastered balancing by leaning and steering without the real danger of falling over. Scooters are slow low riders. After some time she wanted to go faster. So I took the bicycle, dismounted the pedals and lowered the seat. She now could pedal the bike like a scooter and get used to the somewhat different dynamics of the bike opposed to the scooter. Shortly after this she asked for the pedals. To make her really connect to the bike we first went to shop and bought some nice pink and lilac paint (her choice), painted the bike and mounted the pedals. On Sunday we went out on the street walk and after an initial push of she rode of all by herself!

Salome Riding a Bicycle