BMD, ISSS, and ISB/ASB Abstract Submissions

The lab has just submitted a series of abstracts for three upcoming conferences in 2019.

We submitted an abstract on the soon to be submitted rowing biomechanics paper to the International Society of Biomechanics & American Society of Biomechanics meeting in Calgary in late July.

  • "Adaptive smartphone-based sensor fusion for estimating competitive rowing kinematic metrics" is on work done by undergraduates Bryn Cloud, Britt Tarien, Ada Liu, and Thomas Shedd during 2018. [PDF]

We also submitted three abstracts to the Bicycle and Motorcycle Dynamics conference in Padova, Italy in September.

  • "Practical Realization of a Theoretical Optimal-Handling Bicycle" is on work done by undergraduate Roy Gilboa this past summer. [PDF]
  • "Design of an Electric Bicycle Speed Controller" is on work done by undergraduate Trevor Metz since this past June. [PDF]
  • "Expanded Optimization for Discovering Optimal Lateral Handling Bicycle" is on work Mont, Ron, and I are continuing on optimal handling bicycles. [PDF]

And finally, we submitted an abstract on our work about ski jump design to the International Society of Skiing Safety meeting at Squaw Valley in April.

  • "Accessible, Open-source Computational Analysis and Design of Terrain Park Ski Jumps" based on work done by Bryn Cloud, Britt Tarien, Mont Hubbard and me. [PDF]

We are crossing our fingers for acceptance! Thanks for all the hard work from the students!