PhD & Postdoctoral Researchers

If you are interested in doing paid research with the lab [1] there are two options:

  1. Wait for an open position in the lab and apply.
  2. Find self-funding and ask if we can host and work with you.

All paid positions associated with the lab will be posted to the TU Delft vacancies website, the BioMechanical Engineering Department vacancies web page, Academic Transfer [2], and/or this lab website.

[1]PhD positions at TU Delft are considered full time academic research jobs and we only accept you if there is an available paid position. You are also required to have a Master's degree to start a PhD.
[2]All academic jobs in the Netherlands are (and have to be) posted to Academic Transfer.

Master's Students

Anyone may apply to the Master's Program at TU Delft if you have completed an appropriate Bachelor's degree. If you want to work directly in this lab it is best to apply to the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and preferably select the BioMechanical Design Track. This video explains the MSc tracks in the BME department.

If you would like to work on a project for your Master's thesis in the lab please send a letter explaining your interest in the lab and/or project, CV or resume, a list of courses you've taken, the name of your MSc track, and any other relevant information to j.k.moore@tudelft.nl. Include whether you are a current student, have been accepted to the University, or have not applied yet.

MSc Project Proposals and Ideas

The following list provides the current formal MSc projects we are interested in finding students for [3]:

Available Projects

Proposal Title & Info Date posted Partners Type
Bikes and Babies 2024-05-15 Dustyn Roberts Internship
Explosive Power in BMX Cycling 2024-02-08 Peter Visser Thesis
Using Model Predictive Control to Assist in Bicycle Lane Changes 2023-10-27 Laura Marchal-Crespo, Riender Happee Thesis
Cycling in Virtual Reality 2023-10-27 Rado Dukalski Thesis
Optimal Control of the Bicycle-Rider Human-Machine System 2023-10-27   Thesis
Estimation of Bicycle Tire Contact Patch Forces Using Simple Sensors 2022-09-08 Gabriele Dell'Orto Thesis
Unravelling Vestibular Sensory Contributions to Bicycle Balance Control 2021-02-23 Dr. Patrick Forbes @ Erasmus Medical Center Thesis
Design of an Active Tracking Treadmill for Single Track Vehicle Experiments 2021-02-15   Thesis
Extraction of Bicycle Crash Kinematics from Videos Using Machine Learning 2021-01-29   Thesis
Determining Dynamics Perception Thresholds of Bicycles 2020-11-17 Dr. Rene van Paassen (TU Delft, Aerospace) Thesis
Musculoskeletal Models Optimized For Speedy Forward Simulation Based on Analytic Descriptions 2020-09-21   Thesis
How fast will my open source code break? 2020-09-18   Thesis
Maximizing Quantity and Quality of Rowing Performance Metrics From a Minimal Number of Inertial Sensors 2020-09-10 Dr. Paul Crawford (Hegemony Tech) Thesis
Optimization Based Bicycle Design For Equivalent Dynamics 2020-09-10   Thesis

Previously Selected Projects

Proposal Title & Info Date posted Partners Student
Experiments with Cyclist Social Forces for Microscopic Traffic Simulation 2023-08-22 Christoph Schmidt, Riender Happee Anna Marbus
Near Zero Speed Reaction Wheel Balanced Cargo Bicycles 2023-10-27 Oliver Lee, Björn Andersson Bart de Vries
Squiggly Bicycle Routes 2020-09-10 Ted Buehler (Portland, USA) Sietse Soethout
Getting to the Bottom of Bicycle Rolling Resistance 2022-09-07 Team DSM Kirsten Dijkman
Validation of Ski & Snowboarding Low Impact Jump Design 2022-01-19 Prinoth & Mont Hubbard (UC Davis) Jan van der Schot
Outdoor Cycling Propulsion Simulation 2022-01-14 Tacx, a Garmin Company Jens Keijser
Near Zero Speed Robotically Balanced Cargo Bicycles 2022-01-11 Ictech Jeswin Koshy Cherian
Cycling Material Model Design [Applications due by 2021-09-17] 2021-09-02 Team DSM Dorus de Boer
Novel cadence detection for electric bicycles 2021-09-10 swugo Simonas Draukšas
Accelerating Learning Beginner Skateboard Tricks While Maximizing Safety 2020-09-10 Eline van der Kruk (TU Delft, BioMech), Raymund ten Broek (USPC) Jan Heinen
Using Model Predictive Control Steer-by-Wire Bicycle for Performance Assistance 2021-02-15 Dr. Laura Marchal-Crespo (TU Delft, CoR), Riender Happee (TU Delft, CoR), Leila Alizadehsaravi (TU Delft, BioMech) Simonas Draukšas
Adaptive Speed Control in Cycling 2020-09-10 Gazelle, Victor Knoop (TU Delft, Civil Engr) Daniël Landré
Understanding Disc Brake Squeal in Cycling 2020-09-10 Gazelle Ajaypal Singh
Early Warning and Crash Detection in Cycling 2020-09-10 Gazelle Joris Kuiper
Bicycle Design, Dynamics, and Handling 2020-09-10 Gazelle Julie van Vlerken

The current and past research projects will also give some ideas of what is possible. I will provide any confidential projects available in personal communication with you. If any of these projects interest you or you have a project idea that is similar, be sure to let me know in your introduction email.

[3]We also post and formulate more raw project ideas here: https://github.com/mechmotum/ideas/issues.

Bachelor's Students

Students working towards their Bachelor's degree are welcome to join the lab to get research and engineering experience. The best way to work with us it to choose a Bachelor's final project proposed from the lab in your final year. Otherwise, please send a letter explaining your interest in the lab, CV or resume, and any other relevant information to j.k.moore@tudelft.nl.