Principal Investigators

headshot-moore-jason Dr. Jason K. Moore, Assistant Professor

Postdoctoral Researchers


PhD Candidates

Gabriele Dell'Orto [TUD, January 2023-present]
Effects of tire properties on bicycle dynamics
Christoph Schmidt [TUD, October 2022-present]
Bicycle dynamics for realistic conflict causality in safety-aware traffic simulation.
Rado Dukalski [TUD, March 2018-present]
Augmented Reality in Cycling for Safety and Peformance

Masters of Science Students

Anna Marbus [TUD, Feb 2024-present]
Understanding cyclist conflict behavior in shared spaces.
Sara Youngblood [TUD, Jan 2024-present]
Advanced Rider Assistance Systems for Bicycle Crash Mitigation
Bart de Vries [TUD, Jan 2024-present]
Near Zero Speed Reaction Wheel Balanced Cargo Bicycles
Sietse Soethout [TUD, Jul 2023-present]
Squiggly Routes: Optimizing for Energy and Time Efficiency
Thomas Habing [TUD, May 2023-present]
Muscle Vibration Effects in Indoor Cycling
Kenneth Pasma [TUD, Oct 2022-present]
Robotic Bicycle Control

Research Assistants


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Leila Alizadehsaravi [TUD, Feb 2021-Feb 2024]
Safety Evaluation of a Steer Assist Bicycle
Dr. Sam Brockie [TUD, Sep 2022-Oct 2023]
Advancing Biomechanical Modeling By Improving SymPy Code Generation
Dr. Andrew Dressel [TUD, Apr 2022-Apr 2023]
Stable Tilting Tricycle & Next Gen Tire Tester

PhD Candidates

  • Jules Ronné [Univeristy of Gustave Eiffel Lyon, Oct 2023-Nov 2023]

Masters of Science Students

All TU Delft theses can be obtained (after any embargo period) at:

Name University Dates Project Supervisors
Kirsten Dijkman TUD Dec 2022-Jan 2024 Impact of bicycle tire parameters on the total rolling losses A. Dressel, H. Ubbens, P. Rooijakkers, J. K. Moore
Marten Haitjema TUD Jan 2023-Dec 2023 Estimating fall probability in cycling L. Alizadehsaravi, J. K. Moore
Timo Stienstra TUD Jun 2022-Aug 2023 BRiM: A Modular Bicycle-Rider Modeling Framework S. Brockie, J. K. Moore
Jan van der Schot TUD Jul 2022-Aug 2023 The Relationship between Equivalent Fall Height and Ground Reaction Force in Freestyle Ski Jumping D. Roeck, M. Hubbard, J. K. Moore
Floris van Willigen TUD Sep 2022-Jun 2023 Evaluation of the handling of a variable dynamics tilting tricycle A. Dressel, J. K. Moore
Julie van Vlerken TUD Sep 2020-May 2023 The influence of posture and stature on bicycle handling qualities L. Alizadehsarvi, J. K. Moore, A. L. Schwab
Jens Keijser TUD May 2022-Apr 2023 Investigating the Theoretical Feasibility of Longitudinal Motion Control in Indoor Cycling Trainers J. Haasnsoot, J. K. Moore
Jan Heinen TUD Sep 2021-Dec 2022 Optimal Skateboard Geometry for Maximizing Ollie Height J. K. Moore, R. ten Broek, E. van der Kruk
Dorus de Boer TUD Oct 2021-Nov 2022 Modeling a Professional Road Cycling Race To Determine the Fastest Wheel-Tire Combination J. K. Moore, P. Rooijakkers, H. Ubbens
Evelijn Verboom TUD Feb 2022-Oct 2022 Human Intention Detection for Bicycle Steer Assist L. Alizadehsarvi, J. K. Moore
Tim Huiskens TUD ?-Sep 2022 Validating the Whipple-Carvallo Bicycle Model Using a Robot Bicycle L. Alizadehsarvi, J. K. Moore, A. L. Schwab
Simonas Draukšas TUD Sep 2021-Sep 2022 Using Model Predictive Control on a Steer-by-Wire Bicycle for Performance Assistance L. Alizadehsarvi, R. Happee, L. Marchal-Crespo J. K. Moore
Daniël Landré TUD Sep 2021-Sep 2022 Predicting cycling risk at intersections with natural cycling data for speed-controlled e-bikes V. L. Knoop, J. K. Moore, B. Oor
Ajaypal Singh TUD Jul 2021-Aug 2022 Investigation of the chatter and squeal phenomenon in bicycle disc brakes A. Dressel, J. K. Moore, H. Vreman
Jeswin Koshy Cherian TUD Jan 2022-Jun 2022 Near Zero Speed Self-Balancing Cargo Bicycle, MSc Honors Project B. Andersson, O. Lee, J. K. Moore, A, Ranheim
Francesca Andretta TUD Feb 2021-Apr 2022 Learning cycling styles using experimental trajectory data with Inverse Reinforcement Learning A. Dabiri, J. K. Moore
Joris Kuiper TUD Sep 2020-Jun 2021 Development of an Integrated Bicycle Accident Detection System: Introducing ALARM: Accident Localisation And Recognition Method J. K. Moore, A. L. Schwab
Junda Wu TUD Jan 2021-Mar 2021   J. K. Moore, A. L. Schwab
Abraham McKay UCD Feb 2017-Jun 2018 The Water Buffalo: Design of a Portable Bicycle Powered Irrigation Pump for Small-Scale African Farmers J. K. Moore
Research Assistants
  • Marten Haitjema [TUD, Jan 2023-Feb 2023]
  • Zhengyang Lu [TUD, Nov 2022-Feb 2023]
  • Tim Stewart [UCD, Dec 2020-Sep 2021]
  • Lyla Sanders [UCD, Jan 2020-Sep 2021]
  • Mandeepika Saini [UCD, Dec 2020-Jun 2021]
  • Patrick Mackle [UCD, Dec 2020-Jun 2021]
  • Xinzhi (Richard) Yan [UCD, Sep 2020-Dec 2020]
  • Alex Gao [Jul 2020-Dec 2020]
  • Kevin Rong [UCD, Jun 2020-Dec 2020]
  • Sejin Han [UCD, Aug 2019-Oct 2019]
  • Hao Huang [UCD, Oct 2019-Jun 2020, Sep 2020-Dec 2020]
  • Tannavee Kumar [UCD, Oct 2019-Jun 2020]
  • Anthony Toribio [UCD, Jun 2019-Sep 2019]
  • Anastasia Kubicki [UCD, Jun 2019-Sep 2019], now at Specialized Bicycle Components
  • Celine Liang [UCD, Feb 2019-Jun 2020, Sep 2020-Dec 2020], now at Facebook
  • Xin Luigi Chen [UCD, Feb 2019-Dec 2019], now at lastline
  • Kevin Krausse [UCD, Feb 2019-Jun 2019], now at Walmart
  • Xiaochen Zang [UCD, Feb 2019-Jun 2019], now at Huawei
  • Trevor Metz [UCD, Jul 2018-Dec 2019], now at Specialized Bicycle Components
  • Bryn Cloud [UCD, Jun 2018-Jun 2019], now at Tesla
  • Jonathan Cubanski [UCD, Oct 2018-Dec 2018], now at Kitty Hawk
  • Dorian Crutcher [UCD, Oct 2018-Dec 2018], now at Gener8
  • Rayming Liang [UCD, Jul 2018-Dec 2018]
  • Ada Liu [UCD, Jun 2018-Dec 2018], now at Frontier Energy
  • Britt Tarien [UCD, Jun 2018-Dec 2018], now at BioCeryx
  • Edward Jacobs [UCD, Jul 2018-Oct 2018], now at Barnhard Crane & Rigging
  • Henry Agnew [UCD, Jul 2018-Sep 2018]
  • Roy Gilboa [UCD, Jul 2018-Sep 2018], now at Gener8
  • Kenneth Lyons [UCD, Jun 2017-Sep 2017], now at Systron Donner Inertial
  • Scott Kresie [UCD, Jan 2017-Sep 2017]
  • Aaron Shaw [UCD, Mar 2016-Jun 2017, Jun 2018-Dec 2018]
  • Vivian Tran [UCD, May 2016-Dec 2016], now at University of Michigan
  • Braden Tinucci [UCD, Nov 2015-Dec 2015], now at Valcor Engineering Corporation
Teaching Assistants
  • Ragnhild Maarleveld [TUD, Mar 2023-Aug 2023]
  • Eoinlee Bley [TUD, Jan 2023-Jul 2023]
  • Robbert den Butter [TUD, Jan 2023-Jul 2023]
  • Timo Stienstra [TUD, Jan 2023-Jul 2023]
  • Marjolein Scheffers [TUD, Jun 2022-Jul 2022]
  • Alessia De Biasi [TUD, Mar 2022-Jun 2022]
  • Akshath Ram Veeravalli Hari [TUD, Jan 2022-Jun 2022]
  • Zofia Tyczyńska [TUD, Jan 2022-Jun 2022]
  • Jan Groenhuis [TUD, May 2021-Jun 2021]
  • Russell Hawkins [UCD, Mar 2020-Jun 2020]
  • Sergio Guillen [UCD, Jan 2020-Mar 2020]
  • Kevin Mallon [UCD, Sep 2019-present]
  • Gregory Bales [UCD, Jan 2020-Mar 2020, Jan 2019-Jun 2019]
  • Scott Kresie [UCD, Jan 2019-Jun 2019, Jan 2018-Jun 2018]
  • Ian Garretson [UCD, Jan 2019-Jun 2019, Jan 2018-Jun 2018]
  • Naveen Gowrishankar [UCD, Jan 2017-Jun 2017,Jan 2018-Jun 2018], now at Omron Adept Technologies
  • Gang Chen [UCD, Jan 2017-Jun 2017]
  • Kenneth Lyons [UCD, Sep 2017-Dec 2018,Sep 2016-Jun 2017], now at Systron Donner Inertial
  • Destiny Garcia [UCD, Sep 2016-Dec 2016]
  • Farhad Gadhamli [UCD, Jan 2016-Jun 2016], now at DM3D
  • Matthew Lefort [UCD, Sep 2015-Jun 2016], now at Yolo Robotics
Google Summer of Code and Season of Docs Participants
  • Timo Stienstra [Jun 2022-Oct 2022]
  • Sudeep Sidhu [May 2021-Aug 2021]
  • Naman Gera [May 2020-Aug 2020]
  • Lauren Glattly [Aug 2019-Nov 2019]
  • Jashanpreet Singh [May 2018-Aug 2018]
  • Nikhil Pappu [May 2018-Aug 2018]
  • James Brandon Milam [May 2016-Aug 2016]
  • Sampad Saha [May 2016-Aug 2016], now at Yahoo! Japan
  • Sahil Shekhawat [May 2015-Aug 2015], now at
  • James Crist [May 2014-Aug 2014], now at Anaconda
  • Tarun Gaba [May 2014-Aug 2014, May 2013-Aug 2013], now at Plotly

TU Delft Bicycle Lab Students Prior to Transition

These students graduated under the primary supervision of Dr. Arend Schwab prior to Dr. Moore's leadership of the lab and are here for reference.

PhD Candidates
Masters of Science Students