Cycling in Virtual Reality

We have recently demonstrated that it is possible ride a bicycle on a treadmill while wearing a virtual reality headset. We do this by creating a virtual twin of the bicycle and treadmill that mirrors the physical interactions you have with both. The purpose of this MSc project would be to discover the possibilities and limitations of using such a system. We are interested in a number of things, for example:

  • What are the minimal twin elements needed to safely cycle?
  • How long does it take people to get accustomed to this experience?
  • Is motion sickness prevalent in this environment, if so what experiences should we avoid to minimize motion sickness?
  • What are the possibilities and limitations in managing deviations from a straight path? The cyclist must stay nominally straight on the treadmill but there are likely ways to simulate turning to some degree.
  • What types of real world cycling scenarios can we mimic in the VR environment?

This MSc project will require working with Unity and programming in C#. You will work with motion capture systems and virtual reality. You'll need also work with human subjects in the experimentation.

How To Apply

If you would like to apply for this project, please send an approximately half page letter explaining your motivations and interest in the lab and project, CV or resume, a list of courses you've taken, the name of your MSc track, and any other relevant information to