Using Model Predictive Control Steer-by-Wire Bicycle for Performance Assistance

Prior research has shown that tracking performance can be improved in a human-in-the-loop control task by inserting a robot in between the human and the environment and utilizing Model Predictive Control (MPC) with a short even horizon to assist control. The MPC controller was found to be favored by the person performing the task to more typically used controllers such as PID. The goal of this project is to extend this idea to the more complex task of making lane changes on a bicycle. The student's job will be to develop an MPC based assistive control algorithm for the TU Delft Steer-by-Wire bicycle (shown above) and test the performance of the controller through a series of treadmill based lane change tasks.

How To Apply

If you would like to apply for this project, please send an approximately half page letter explaining your motivations and interest in the lab and project, CV or resume, a list of courses you've taken, the name of your MSc track, and any other relevant information to