Explosive Power in BMX Cycling


Set up the BMX high torque analysis data acquisition system and collect pilot data from amateur BMX cyclists. Characterize the data quality for torque, power, speed, GPS, etc.

Thesis Project

Using the device developed in the internship you develop experiments to will monitor pedal performance over a period of time and characterize rider performance through motion and physiological measures with particular focus on gate exit performance and strategy. Data generation (very precise) of physical output, both power and breath gas analysis, to be able to see metabolic impact of gates and full laps, data can be stored in device, no need to transfer in real time. The feedback system should be capable of assisting coaches during gate starting training in providing feedback to the athletes. You will develop metrics for post activity evaluation of BMX performance that is useful for coaches.


This project is in cooperation with coach Peter Visser and the The Wheely's Club and Insanity Racing Team.

How To Apply

If you would like to apply for this project, please send an approximately half page letter explaining your motivations and interest in the lab and project, CV or resume, a list of courses you've taken, the name of your MSc track, and any other relevant information to j.k.moore@tudelft.nl.