Balance Assist Bicycle for Fall Reduction


We have developed a bicycle with a electric steering motor that is capable of stabilizing itself at lower speeds than regular bicycles. When ridden this effect enhances the rider's balance at low speeds where falls often occur.

Theme Bicycle Engineering Current Researchers Leila Alizadehsaravi, Marten Haitjema
Last Worked On May 2023 Past Researchers Marco Reijne
Collaborators Royal Dutch Gazelle, Bosch E-bike Systems


A substantial number of falls while bicycling happen due to loss of balance and control at low speeds [1]. A normal bicycle is unstable at low speeds and requires acute attention from the rider to maintain balance. We have developed a bicycle with a steering motor that can steer itself and can stabilize itself at speeds as low as 6 km/h. When ridden, the steer motor assists the rider in balancing and staying upright. We are evaluating whether this bicycle can reduce the chances of falling in hazardous situations. Our first study shows that riders use less steering and have less rolling motions when the steering motor control is activated [2].

Below is a video that demonstrates the bicycle's ability to stabilize itself:


This project is funded under the Citius Altius Sanius Perspectief grant from the NWO (Dutch Research Council) with financial and in-kind support from Royal Dutch Gazelle, Bosch eBike Systems, and SWOV.


[1]R.J. Davidse et al. Fietsongevallen van 50-plussers: karakteristieken en ongevalsscenario’s van enkelvoudige ongevallen en botsingen met overig langzaam verkeer. Dutch. 2014.
[2]Alizadehsaravi, L. & Moore, J. K., "Bicycle balance assist system reduces roll motion for young and old bicyclists during real-life safety challenges", engrXiv preprint, 2023,