Inexpensive Open Source and Open Hardware Bicycle Data Logger


Analysis of comprehensive dynamical data during bicycling trips and activities has the potential to teach us much about travel behavior and safety of bicyclists. We would like to develop a open collaborative project with the aim of creating a modular, continually inexpensive, open source, and open hardware bicycle data logger.

Theme Transportation Current Researchers
Last Worked On October 2018 Past Researchers Edward Jacobs
Collaborators Marco Dozza (Chalmers University), Christian-Nils Åkerberg Boda (Chalmers University)

This idea was pitched by Marco Dozza at ICSC 2017 [1] and we are working with his team to bring this to fruition.

[1]Dozza, Marco; Rasch, A.; Boda, C. N. (2017): An Open-Source Data Logger for Field Cycling Collection: Design and Evaluation.