Design and Analysis of Ski Jumps


Little safety driven engineering goes into the design and construction of ski and snowboard jumps in terrain parks at publicly accessible ski resorts. Catastrophic injuries and even deaths occur during skiing and snowboarding at these resorts. It is possible to design the landing surfaces of jumps such that the normal impact velocity on landing is capped at a safer value regardless of the jumper's takeoff speed and jump launch speed. These jump designs can still provide large maximum heights and flight durations for participant fun. We have designed a web application that laypeople can use to design and analyze ski jumps with specified equivalent fall height in mind.

Theme Sports Engineering Current Researchers
Last Worked On November 2021 Past Researchers Bryn Cloud, Britt Tarien
Collaborators Bryn Cloud, Mont Hubbard, Chris Brown, Nicola Petrone

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  • Moore, J., Cloud, B., Hubbard, M., & Brown, C. A. (2021, March 31). Safety-Conscious Design of Terrain Park Jumps: Ethical Issues and Online Software.

Journal Articles:

  • J. K. Moore and M. Hubbard, "skijumpdesign: A Ski Jump Design Tool for Specified Equivalent Fall Height," The Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 3, no. 28, p. 818, Aug. 2018,

Conference Presentations:

  • N. Petrone, J. K. Moore, and M. Hubbard, "The Equivalent Fall Height approach: towards validated tools for designing safer snowboard and freestyle skiing jumps", IOC World Conference on Prevention and Injury in Sport, Monaco, 25-27 Novemer 2021
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Screenshot of the ski jump design application.

Screenshot of the ski jump design web application.

Example of a constant equivalent fall height jump, built in Italy under Nicola Petrone's leadershipe.

Constructing a constant equivalent fall height jump.

Group responsible for building the jumps and validating the theory!