CZI Grant Awarded to SymPy Computational Biomechanics Project

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The TU Delft Bicycle Lab has been awarded approximately one third of a $350k grant to the SymPy project from the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation as part of their "Essential Open Source Software for Science" program. SymPy is joining a host of exciting open source software projects in this program. This is SymPy's first large funding injection in its 15 year history. Here at TU Delft, we'll be hiring a postdoctoral researcher in the coming months for a 1 FTE position for a year to focus on improving SymPy's code generation tools and demonstrating the power of the code generation on an advanced bicycle control neuromuscular model.

Check back here for the postdoc job posting in the coming months. If you are interested in the position, feel free to send a message to and we will inform you of the posting.

More information: