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Jelle Haasnoot Successfully Defends His MSc Thesis

Jelle Haasnoot successfully defended "Design and Validation of Steer, Roll, Yaw and Sway Motion of a Kinematics-Based Bicycle Simulator. Everyone at the bicycle lab is very proud of Jelle and wishes him the best! Jelle will move into a full time position at Tacx and will likely mentor some future …

CZI Grant Awarded to SymPy Computational Biomechanics Project

The TU Delft Bicycle Lab has been awarded approximately one third of a $350k grant to the SymPy project from the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation as part of their "Essential Open Source Software for Science" program. SymPy is joining a host of exciting open source software projects in this program. This is …

Joris Kuiper Successfully Defends His MSc Thesis

Joris Kuiper successfully defended "Development of an Integrated Bicycle Accident Detection System: Introducing ALARM: Accident Localisation And Recognition Method". His system is designed for future Gazelle electric bikes. Joris has accepted a position at Gearbox to develop agricultural robots following graduation. Congrats to Joris!

Jan Groenhuis Successfully Defends His MSc Thesis

Jan Groenhuis successfully defended "Experimental data-tracking of the BMX SX gate start using biomechanical modeling and trajectory optimization". Everyone at the bicycle lab is very proud of Jan and will miss him! Jan is off to European bicycle tour as his first new venture.

Steer-assist Bicycle

TUDelft demonstrates the steer-assist bicycle, this is a prototype of a bicycle with a smart motor in the handlebars which prevents the bicycle from falling at low speed. This prototype has been developed in collaboration with the Royal Gazelle bicycle company.

Project Tokyo

Project Tokyo; the new track bicycle for the Dutch Olympic Track cycling team has been presented. This new track bicycle, the KOGA KINSEI, has been designed and build by a multidisplinary team, project Tokyo, with the partners: KOGA - The project leaders, and bicycle builders TU Delft - Bikefit, handling and control …


TU Delft is one of the participants within the European Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) on Motorcycle Rider Integrated Safety, called MOTORIST. The project is coordinated by Prof. Marco Pierini, from University of Firenze (UNIFI), Florence, Italy. More info on this ITN can …

Moved to the New Lab Space

This month the bicycle lab moved to the new lab space (room 4A-1-04) which is on the first floor, close to our offices. We are very happy with the new lab; more than 80 m2 of light and clean space with lots of room for table-top experimental setups and …