Daniël Landré Successfully Defends His MSc Thesis

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Daniël Landré successfully defended "Predicting cycling risk at intersections with natural cycling data for speed-controlled e-bikes". He determined the sizes required for geo-fence speed control of e-bikes when you turn off the assistance motor power. The sizes can be large for urban areas, requiring urban cores to mostly covered, but can be per intersection for less dense areas. Secondly, he found that rider changes in cadence and power behavior most correlate with with dangerous intersections in Delft. He proposes that collecting these measures of cyclists could be used to label intersections as safer or less safe in addition to or in lieu of crash reports. Daniël Landré was co-supervised by Victor L. Knoop (TU Delft), Bart Oor (Gazelle), and Jason K. Moore (TU Delft). This project was part of the ClickNL funded Fiets van de Toekomst grant. Everyone at the bicycle lab is very proud of Daniël Landré and wishes him the best in his next step in his career as a data scientist.