Jan van der Schot Successfully Defends His MSc Thesis

cover headshot

Jan van der Schot successfully defended "The Relationship between Equivalent Fall Height and Ground Reaction Force in Freestyle Ski Jumping". Jan measured both the trajectories of ski jump flight and the shape of the landing surface with high accuracy differential GPS for over 100 jumps. Using these measures he calculated the equivalent fall height at the landing location to compare to peak ground reaction force using data from chest and back mounted accelerometers. Jan found that ground reaction force increases with equivalent fall height but that it is difficult to predict the ground reaction force from equivalent fall height alone, likely due to landing strategy and environment differences.

Jan was co-supervised by Daniel Röck (Prinoth AG), Mont Hubbard (University of California, Davis), and Jason K. Moore (TU Delft). Everyone at the bicycle lab is very proud of Jan and wishes him the best in his next adventures.