Julie van Vlerken Successfully Defends Her MSc Thesis

Julie van Vlerken successfully defended "The influence of posture and stature on bicycle handling qualities". Julie added rider forward lean and arm inertial effects to the Carvallo-Whipple bicycle model, the later of which is known to remove a bicycle's self-stabilization property. She then calculated a task independent handling quality metric based on a human steering control model and assessed different sized Gazelle bicycles with different rider size and posture for positive and negative effects to lateral handling. She discovered that it is more difficult for smaller riders to steer than larger riders and that postures that lean forward also make it more difficult to steer. Her model and findings can be used in the design phase to improve handling of new bicycle designs. Julie also gave our bicycle dynamics web application a make over with new aesthetics and new features:

Julie was co-supervised by Leila Alizadehsaravi (TU Delft), Jason K. Moore (TU Delft), and Arend Schwab (TU Delft). Engineers Jan Siksma, Hans Vreman, and Sierd Heida at Gazelle also provided support and assistance with the project. Everyone at the bicycle lab is very proud of Julie and wishes her the best her path forward.