Marten Haitjema Successfully Defends His MSc Thesis

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Marten Haitjema successfully defended "Estimating fall probability in cycling" on December 14, 2023. Marten identified the linear dynamics of a robotically balance assisted bicycle showing that the lean rate feedback controller can stabilize the bicycle at very low speeds and that the time constant of the instability is significantly reduced when there is a rider onboard. He then executed an experiment to determine the probability a rider will fall when perturbed with different magnitude forces at the handlebar. He showed that the perturbation magnitude and number of prior perturbations were the most important factors in determining whether one would fall. Lastly, he used these probabilities to predict a likely reduction in fall probability when the balance assist system is activated.

Marten was co-supervised by Leila Alizadehsaravi (TU Delft) and Jason K. Moore (TU Delft) with assistance from Maarten Pelgrim (Gazelle), Sierd Heida (Gazelle), Felix Dauer (Bosch), and David Gabriel (Bosch). Everyone at the bicycle lab is very proud of Marten and wishes him the best in his next adventures.