Simonas Draukšas Successfully Defends His MSc Thesis

cover headshot

Simonas Draukšas successfully defended "Using Model Predictive Control on a Steer-by-Wire Bicycle for Performance Assistance". Simonas developed a real-time MPC controller to assist a bicyclist in making lane change maneuvers on a treadmill in a semi virtual environment. His goal was to determine if adding MPC control from the steer motor improve performance in hitting the virtual targets. His controller could accurately hit the targets when the rider rode without hands and, with hands on, he discovered that the rider's skill and task difficulty likely influence the performance gain or loss. He was not able to show that the MPC control conclusively improved performance, but we hope that once we apply all of his recommendations it will. Simonas was co-supervised by Leila Alizadehsaravi (TU Delft), Laura Marchal-Crespo (TU Delft), Jason Moore (TU Delft), and Riender Happee (TU Delft). Everyone at the bicycle lab is very proud of Simonas and wishes him the best in his new job as a control and embedded systems engineer.